Being kind of ok with America for once

Rally for Marriage Equality

Rally for Marriage Equality (Photo credit: vpickering)

I generally have little faith in most everyone/everything. Statistics suggest that my generation tends to lean toward the liberal (or at least, the Democrat), but we probably (according to a poll I haven’t conducted) also lean toward the distrusting. George W. Bush as the first US President we can really remember? Not a great starter. You can only stomach one “Mission Accomplished” banner before you start getting pretty skeptical.

But after the Supreme Court rulings against The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Proposition 8, my dismal outlook, the one that had me depressed/convinced that Mitt Romney would somehow “magically” win and immediately release a swarm of mind-control robot aliens who would implant chips into our (and our pets’) brains, lightened up ever so slightly, to this specifically multifaceted shade:

Thiihoexcited I am!!

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