Why wouldn’t you buy that?

Like a moth, I am primarily drawn to things that look like this.

Yesterday, at the urging (Kind of a strong term—it took about two seconds of conversation.) of my fabulous friend and her roommate, I purchased a full-length dress in the exact material featured above. I would attempt to post a picture of the whole thing, but I am admittedly terrible with cameras and no one is around to help me. But I think you get the aesthetic.

There were only a few years when I fell into the depressing ritual of purchasing and wearing jeans and boring shirts or things from The Gap. It hurts to even attempt to remember those days.

Since then, I have slowly developed a “fuck all” approach to shopping and dressing myself. By the end of high school, I had finely whittled my philosophy down to the inspirational, rhetorical, incredulous question, “Why wouldn’t you buy that?” Continue reading

Watching ‘bad’ TV

gossip girl

You know you love it. (Photo credit: joanneteh_32(On Instagram as Austenland))

Here is a list of my ten favorite television shows:

  1. Mad Men
  2. The Sopranos
  3. Arrested Development
  4. Battlestar Galactica
  5. Breaking Bad
  6. 30 Rock
  7. Freaks and Geeks
  8. Frasier
  9. The Wire
  10. Six Feet Under

Now, here is a much more realistic list of television shows I watch regularly/frequently/repeatedly:

  1. Mad Men
  2. Teen Wolf
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. Awkward.
  5. Pretty Little Liars
  6. Gossip Girl
  7. Arrested Development
  8. The Food Network (Yes, this is a show.)
  9. The Sopranos
  10. Gossip Girl

I no longer have a Facebook, but when I did, I constantly found myself censoring my favorite movies and television shows so they were really impressive, like the first list. And I’m so ashamed that I was one of those people, because supposedly bad and embarrassing television is actually the best kind.  Continue reading

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Getting rid of crap

With all those hoarding shows on TV and stories from one of my friends about her hoarder grandmother, I’ve begun to worry that people aren’t reaping the necessary benefits of just throwing things away. I don’t necessarily mean in the garbage. I mean just parting with things. Period.

Recently, I’ve slowly started to post clothes that clearly don’t fit on eBay and I’ve sold a few things here and there. My cousin informed me that Amazon is a good place to sell cords and other random electronic parts. I even found a website to buy back a dinosaur of an iBook (Yes that existed once.)!

I could say that I’m in a raging period (Commence the degenerate male laughter…) of throwing everything and anything away because of this “Six Feet Under” scene

But I’m not as cool as that. I will say that it did reassure me that my recent (albeit half-assed) efforts are solid in intention.There’s something really good about getting rid of crap. So last night, I went a little wild trying to bring to fruition those intentions.

I went insane on my room. It’s not the clutter that makes me want to curl up and take up less space, but the weight of all of it. The weight of silk cocktail dresses. The weight of outdated textbooks. The weight of lone power adapters. The weight of my high school diploma (I have to keep that one.). I could never be a hoarder. If I have one too many things, I start to suffocate. If I get rid of this shit, I’ll be lighter. Or incendiary.  Continue reading