Calling ‘Legally Blonde’ the greatest feminist film of our time

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently, one of my friends attended some “gifted” students camp in middle school where he took an entire course on “Legally Blonde.” The course ultimately concluded that this film was bad for women and a sad portrayal of feminism.

Let me tell you something. Those “gifted” kids and their teachers don’t know anything about feminism. He only just told me about this class recently when I was gushing about what a radically refreshing feminist viewpoint I see in that same film that’s “bad for women.”

Elle Woods. Ah. Just hearing her name in my head brings a smile to my face and a surge of woman-power to my uterus AND brain. She is a complete BAMF who becomes even BAMF-ier as the movie goes on. Let me explain all of this as simply as I can. Continue reading